Carbon Brushes
Our direct current and slipring motors would be useless without carbon brushes. The one drawback with these machines is the fact that the brushes are consumable.

To overcome the many problems associated with sourcing carbon brushes we have established a partnership with another Belfast company, S D Carbons.

S D Carbons procure carbon in various grades from the leading manufacturers in Germany. Using purpose built manufacturing machinery they machine the carbon to the correct profile and dimension. The flexible leads are tamped into the brush forming a strong and secure joint and finally the appropriate terminals are fitted.

By using the same carbon suppliers as used by the motor manufacturers we are able to produce brushes with identical characteristics, and equal or better quality. By using our own labour we are able to do this with a cost and time advantage which ultimately benefits
our customer.
Brush Holders / Contacts
We have a selection of brush holders normally available from stock and in addition we can manufacture a very wide range of holders for all applications.
We can supply a wide range of copper contacts and contact assemblies.
Semiconductor Modules and Fuses
In association with partner companies we supply from stock fuses and fuse equipment to all world standards in European, North American and Japanese designs. From miniature to high voltage.

ABB, Bussman, Brush, Ferraz, GEC, Gould, Shawmut, Jean Müller, Siemens, Littelfuse, Westinghouse.

We supply power semiconductor devices :
diodes / thyristors / bridge rectifiers / MOSFET's