Low Voltage -
3 Phase Squirrelcage

The product range conforms to IEC and European standards, and is based on IP54 / IP55, insulation class F, 230 / 400 and 400 / 690 V, 50 Hz.
We carry stock of standard low voltage motors in Belfast and support this with extensive stockholding in Europe.

In addition to our own brand we can offer most makes including Siemens, ABB, AEG, Schorch, WEG, Brook, TECO and VEM.

Motors are available for immediate despatch:

  • - 2 pole up to 630 kW
  • - 4 pole up to 800 kW
  • - 6 pole up to 1000 kW
  • - 8 pole up to 400 kW
We can also supply:-
  • explosion proof / hazardous area
  • drip proof
  • NEMA
  • marine
  • brake motors
  • gearmotors
  • 2 speed / 3 speed pole changing
  • spindle motors
  • crane motors
  • flat body saw motors
  • inverter rated
  • roller table
  • submersible

We can modify, reverse engineer, or design to individual requirement, even for one off production.

Low Voltage -
3 Phase Slipring

- to IEC standards, cast iron frames, suitable for belt drive applications.
We supply extensively to the quarry industry particularly for crusher application where these machines are found to be robust and capable of withstanding the most arduous operating environment.

We can offer direct from stock

  • - 4 pole to 400 kW
  • - 6 pole to 400 kW

or alternatively we can supply on a made to order basis at discounted cost. Our standard range is available in all ratings to 10 pole (600 rpm).

Slipring motors are also available for hoist applications.

3 Phase Squirrelcage

3 Phase Slipring

We can supply from stock a wide range of high voltage motors suitable for heavy industrial application.

  • - more than 100 brandnew, rib-cooled machines to 1800 kW
  • - latest Siemens series H-compact plus 1000 - 5000 kW
  • - slipring motors up to 6000 kW
  • - a range of fully refurbished and reconditioned machines.

We have available machines from well known manufacturers such as ABB, Siemens, Schorch and Alstom.

We can manufacture to order, if required incorporating custom designs.

Our motors are used to drive pumps, fans and mills across industries such as cement, power generation, rubber, paper, oil, iron and steel.

Our dc motor range extends from small dc permanent magnet types in both IEC and NEMA frame sizes, through to standard fully laminated rectangular design, shunt wound machines. Standard design features include:

  • - axially welded and laminated frame
  • - skewed armature
  • - B3 / B5 mounting
  • - insulation class H
  • - enclosure IP23
  • - radial blower
  • - easy fit options: encoders / tachogenerators / 1brakes / filters

The motors can be modified to the customer's exact requirements.

The main brands held in stock are Siemens, ABB, AEG, Lenze. In addition we can offer motors from EW-Hof, Thrige Titan,Baumüller, Faurndau and Baldor.

These motors are offered in frame sizes 80 to 630 with ratings from 0.8 kW to over 1500 kW.

We carry a small stock of servomotors used primarily in machine tool applications but increasingly used in other production applications. Uses include paper conversion, plastics, extrusion, printing and material handling.

We can source from several manufacturers both synchronous and asynchronous designs. Ratings up to 55 Nm are generally available with short time delivery.

Motor versions include:

  • - standard design
  • - brake motor
  • - force ventilation
The motors can be supplied with or without keyways. Feedback options include resolver or encoder alternatives.

Brands include Siemens, ABB, Lenze, Baldor, Parvex, Bosch, Fanuc.

Occasionally a situation arises where it becomes necessary to incorporate a motor with unique design characteristics. We are able to assess individual applications and tailor a solution to your problem. Recently we have completed the design and manufacture of a vibrating plate motor to our customer's exact requirement. By utilising our extensive network of manufacturing contacts we have been able to produce a design that meets the customers requirement, reduces assembly time and achieves signifcant per unit cost reduction.
By adopting a flexible approach we can find the right solution for you.