Synchronous or asynchronous, we supply up to 40MW and 15 kV with advanced design specifically orientated to ensure functional efficiency and reliability. Whether for hydro power, co-generation or the shipbuilding sector, every project is studied in detail and the generators adapted to each particular plant and customer.
We have manufactured for our local customer base for example at Randalstown, Co Antrim, we supplied a 512 kW, 1000 rpm, asynchronous generator for a small scale hydro scheme. Other units are operational throughout Scotland where they have proven efficiency and reliability.

One of our partners manufactures exclusively for the wind energy sector producing machines with double stator windings; wound rotor; multi-polar designs etc.

Oil Cooled - Dry Type - Cast Resin
Our transformers have become well established in the power supply and distribution market. The design and development is based on state of the art technology and consistently has been proven with trouble free operation and reliability. We have supplied standard and special designs to customers throughout Ireland.
Our transformers are manufactured in accordance with current specifications and meet the recommended requirements of IEC 76.

We can supply from stock various ratings and voltage ratios up to 8000 kVA. Typical manufacturing time is 8 weeks from receipt of order.

Tachogenerators / Encoders
Through our dc motor and machine tool business we have incorporated the supply of tachogenerators and encoders. This includes standard products from Heidenhain, Radio Energie, Thalheim, Hübner, Siemens and Elcis. As with our other activities we are not restricted to any one brand and we can source products from most manufacturers at competitive prices.
Gear Units
To complement our motor range we also supply a wide range of helical and worm gear units from the industry's leading manufacturers.
SEW-Eurodrive; Rossi; Lenze; Bonfiglioli; Pujol; Motovario; Bauer.

These units can be supplied in a variety of configurations and mounting arrangements to suit almost any application.